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Regular non metallic decals, not suitable for dark color headstocks. Lighter colors are transparent and interact with the background color, the final result varies according to the background color or pattern. These are clear coated decals, more resistant and easy to apply. After application can be finished with Nitro, Polyurethane or any other kind of lacquer.

  • Ultra thin decal film vanishes once applied and lacquered, meaning there’s no visible edge, backing or bump.
  • High resolution crisp prints show even small text and details clearly.
  • Suitable for use on non-porous, non-oily surfaces like lacquered wood, plastic, metal and even candles - use on guitars, bikes, helmets, models and more.
  • Use a spray lacquer over the top of them once applied - most spray lacquers are fine, including nitrocellulose.
  • Full application and finishing instructions included.
  • We don’t recommend using them on oiled surfaces, or using any oil or brush on finishes over the top.
  • Background is totally transparent/clear once applied (not white).