True Metallic and White

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 True metallic colors (Gold and Silver). Clear coated decals, more resistant and easy to apply. All colors used are 100% opaque, perfect for black or dark color headstocks.
  • Ultra thin decal film vanishes once applied and lacquered, meaning there’s no visible edge, backing or bump.
  • Opaque inks show up on any colour surface, whether light or dark, patterned or plain.
  • High resolution crisp prints show even small text and details clearly.
  • Suitable for use on non-porous, non-oily surfaces like lacquered wood, plastic, metal and even candles - use on guitars, bikes, helmets, models and more.
  • Use a spray lacquer over the top of them once applied - most spray lacquers are fine, including nitrocellulose.
  • Full application and finishing instructions included.
  • We don’t recommend using them on oiled surfaces, or using any oil or brush on finishes over the top.